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Are Lotteries bad for the poor and working class?

Plus - Why logic goes out the window. I must admit that I thought buying a second pick 6 lottery ticket would result in doubling my chances of winning  the NJ lottery. That's not true. Think about it - if the odds of winning a pick 6 or Megamillions lottery are millions to one you are just buying a second lottery ticket with the same odds. Someone help me out here. Anyway I see people in AC NJ for example, who are likely on welfare (sorry, public assistance)  buying ten scratch offs - that's over a weeks worth of food stamp credit. Then there's my local liquor store. Can a guy just get a 40 without waiting for some wrinkled smelly goat to call out pick 3 and pick 4's for three minutes? Then there is the greed that emerges when a Megamillions ticket goes to half a BILLION Dollars to the lucky winner. Why is it people rich or poor wait on long lines? In daily life many are struggling and value a single million Dollars tremendously. Even 50K would make a huge difference in their lives. Personally and you can call me a snob, I don't get excited at all about super huge jackpots. Maybe I buy 5 tickets a year and most stocking stuffers lottery tickets. Peace out. Bill Lonello.