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Live from Eastern Ukraine pt3

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"Only blind can miss the fact that this whole revolution is sponsored and held by EU + USA + Britain. They accepted the new government! How? How can it be legal? Nobody voted for those politics. They just used Maidan to get access there. I didn't vote for them. And now they just "xerox" laws to break my rules, to make me talk Ukrainian and not any other language, to hate Lenin, to love their heroes... Our country was never able to be created by its own... we're not the same natinality... we're people but not nation and it's sad to admit it. We can live together East and West, but it's very easy to start conflict between us - too many points of collision. Reading my words you might think I support Yanukovich? No, I do not! He became a very evil happening for our country, but back there in 2010 we had two candidates: him and Timoshenko(who delcared once that she wanted to put a border fence around whole Eastern Ukraine as there are only criminals living there), so between two evils we chose the less for us. Still no original reasons of all this are understandable or clear. We just wait for new events every day. Perhaps we never know what was changed up there in elite circles."