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How to Find Quality Tenants for Your Beach Rental?


Landlords beware! The New Jersey real estate market has never been hotter, and with all of this heat brings more and more landlords to town just waiting to steal your tenants with lower prices, better locations, or better accommodations. If you are new to the landlord business or an old hat at the game there are some new developments in the beach rental industry that might help you keep afloat!

It used to be simple. You would take your property to a real estate agency and they would help you to locate tenants for the summer months while taking a healthy cut for themselves. For the most part this system still works, but with the increasing number of properties up for rental, real estate agencies are becoming overwhelmed with the urge to fill all of the vacancies. The other problem with this method is that you, the landlord, don’t get a say in who is going to be using your property.


The other method of finding tenants is to advertise: newspapers, rental magazines, word of mouth. All of these methods are great and very effective, however for the part-time landlord, who has time to maintain all of these advertisements and answer all of the phone calls associated with them? Also, the added cost of the advertisements will have to be subtracted from your bottom line, or added to your rental fee.

The solution lies in the internet. It is estimated that nearly 80% of travelers would consider using the internet to plan their vacation. You want to make sure that your property is visible for browsers of all kinds to see. The best way to do this is to use an online vacation rental service such as or . These websites generate a significant number of browsers that are looking specifically to rent a home. Why not list your home. Features include the ability to post pictures, rental prices, and an availability calendar. You get all of this for a small fee (usually per season). By renting your property to your tenants directly you save money and are also able to get to know your tenants and ask questions before they vacation in your property!