Letter to the Editor: “Focusing on the wrong goals?”

Letter to the Editor: “Focusing on the wrong goals?” August 19, 2020 by Blogfinger Our usually pristine OG beach on a Wednesday morning 8/19/20 Paul Goldfinger photograph ©.  Click to enlarge photos.

    Lifeguards set up on the OG beach, morning, Wednesday Aug. 19, 2020.

Paul Goldfinger ©   TO THE EDITOR  August 19, 2020.  Ocean Grove:   A new topic for debate, discord, marvel or disdain…I went fishing this morning in OG and found over a dozen beer cans under and around a lifeguard stand.

  As I approached I felt even more just buried lightly under the sand, and those cans in particular were twisted open, exposing extremely sharp aluminum edges tactically positioned to mangle one’s feet, possibly designed […].

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