Cherry Picking 60,000 NJ Real Estate Agents v1.01


Cutting and Pasting – Carpel tunnel is real

Enter the Coronavirus. Time for yet another iteration of NJ.ORG.

Some of us at the company have more time on our hands. Why not take on the challenge of curating tens of thousands of mostly inactive real estate agents… As they say here in North Jersey – 20 percent of the agents do 80 percent of the work.

If you think 60,000 records to go through is too many – you are right. So we limited the number to a several brands including Century 21. Full disclosure that is our office franchise.

Wow, there are 60 Thousand agents in New Jersey? Yes. We were able to secure a public record list from responses to a post on It was “dope” to see my name there and to see it uploaded to a new database and agent directory. Sadly I rank pretty low in experience and credentials. So don’t use me as your NJ Realtor. If you need a great Realtor or recommendation please search for the other Treble on the home page.

Down to 13,000 agents! As noted 80 percent of them are not very busy. Now comes the task of adding and deleting (or technically un-listing them)

Who makes the Realtor directory cut.

1) Brokers? Our PD list shows how long someone is licensed and what type of licensee they are – As far as the Broker title, The New Jersey Real Estate Commission requires all offices managing or conducting real estate to have a “Broker of record” All broker types including Broker/Salesperson licensees have roughly double the education of a regular real estate agent. So for the agent directory this this seemed like a good thing. Turns out not so. Upon a deeper Google dive, many of these “Brokers” have their license for investments and management purposes only, they can’t help folks with buying or selling. So, not part of our directory… De-listed. But lets keep the more serious and educated Broker/Salespersons and independent office Brokers that are actively selling.

2) Ghosts. So it’s easy enough to find top agents based on a Google search. They will be listed on sites like Finding the less active ones is not so easy. If there is no evidence of activity or any marketing efforts – De-Listed. Unfortunately for every one removed we are committed to find two active ones in that part of Jersey.

2) Fox News Bombshell. Over the years we have heard of too many agents getting assaulted or worse. Even women! No comment here… very sensitive.

3) Shore Blunders. Is this NJ Realtors Florida? Maybe 90 percent inactive. Fortunately there are only a few of my franchises down there so I am mostly adding Top Producers.

4) Minority Report. Yes we go out of our way to publish diversity. It’s in our best interest as a website anyway. We hope some folks from all parts find someone with the same language or circle dance.

Stay tuned. Don’t write us about the dance bit.


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