What Can U-Haul Rates Tell Us About U.S. Migration Patterns?

America is on the move, and America’s moving companies are scrambling to keep up. U-Haul is America’s largest mover, reaching every corner of the U.

S. What can U-Haul city-to-city rates tell us about U.

S. migration patterns? And how can you utilize U-Haul rates to help you build your real estate investment business? Jason Hartman, a BiggerPockets member, fantastic investor, and just a great human being pointed out the benefit of using U-Haul rates in an email to his list last fall.

I am indebted to him for this idea. U-Haul’s Business Model Like all other capitalist businesses, U-Haul’s rates are based on supply and demand.

Their supply is in the form of available trucks at a given location. Their demand […].

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