Protest Outside Gottheimer Office Carries Bigger Implications As Dems Debate Spending Bill

GLEN ROCK – The Democrats’  “civil war” came today to this “idyllic”  Bergen County town. As Josh Gottheimer spent the morning touring downtown businesses with Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, about 100 protesters demonstrated outside his nearby district office, condemning the Democratic congressman for not supporting Joe Biden’s economic agenda strongly enough.

“We’re so sorry we have to ask our Democratic congressman to back our Democratic president,” said Arati Kreibich, who unsuccessfully challenged Gottheimer from the left in the 2020 primary. She called the need for that ” surreal.

” When it was pointed out that Kreibich ran last year, some yelled out, “run again.” Just a few blocks away, Gottheimer and Raimondo were visiting businesses and eating pizza, all of which was aimed at drumming up support and demonstrating the […].

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