241 Grove Street Sets Two-Family Sales Record in Downtown Jersey City

This listing is brought to you by Marc Brenner and Matthew Gray of Nest Seekers International. Want a listing featured? Email us, [email protected].

Record-setting sale: 241 Grove Street in Downtown Jersey City. Marc Brenner and Matthew Gray of Nest Seekers International just closed a record-setting sale in the heart of Downtown Jersey City.

According to MLS records, the rare-to-market property at 241 Grove Street is the highest-priced two-family on a 20’ X 80’ lot ever sold. The successful marketing campaign for this listing included over 345K views on social media.

The quintessential brownstone offers the best of both worlds on a grand scale — tranquil suburban-like living across nearly 3,000 square feet complete with a private landscaped backyard and an […].

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