Tech and Innovation Are the Topics of Montclair Kimberly Academy Alumni Podcasts – NJ Tech Weekly

Montclair Kimberly Academy (MKA), a well-known private school in Montclair that covers pre-K to 12th grade, began a podcast series in 2021 called “Inquiry to Insight,” which focuses on its alumni. Last year’s episodes, labeled “Tech with a Focus on …,” examined the many different careers in technology being pursued by alumni.

This year’s episodes, “MKA Alumni Innovators,” discuss how alumni are innovating. The podcasts can be found here.

We spoke to Steve Valentine, assistant head of MKA’s Upper School and director of academic leadership, who hosts the podcasts, about how the school decided to go into podcasting and what he has learned from his interviews. How did the idea for a podcast come up? The podcast came from MKA’s […].

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