Still Proud to be a member of the GOP?

Still Proud of Your GOP?

Some don’t know what that means. (SHHH)

Forgive me my dear 6th grade Fairlawn elementary teacher Mrs Stiffheimen, for I can not help but continue to output, dare I say spew, run-on sentences.

OK here is a test for all but one New Jersey (R) US house rep, and I am sorry to tell you my friend, it’s you and you too we are talking to… When you wake up with another CNN or likely Fox News mass shooting headline… maybe a dozen kids with their little (we are praying for you) br&(yns spattered on the interactive panel, It must be hard it to repress that good old GOP semi-charmed Chessire smile – (hyphen) as we all know it’s good for business.

for teachers… (our PSA for 2023)

Comon baby let’s do that Conga,

Hey kids do can your recognize this person?

Too late.

sorry, just napping

Don’t worry about the slippery picture below – it’s from from a religeous show and tell event in Pakistan.  I can’t find an image like this in the US even with Safe-Search off.  God Forbid.

Another necessary drill

not Carrie

Shure Do I shot too many lizards in FLA

Really? a cap gun?
My Crossman pump will put a cap in your coon-head wearing hiney.



c’mon Blorg we are all not like this

Long live the shooting sports. 


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