Who’s Muffin is Mufon Munching on Anyway?


Just who is the Muffin Man?

An arms length review of MUFoN in this case, aka muffin, the muff, Muffin top, DJT’s Toad penxs, muffin men, muffin they, in 2023

I Joined Last year.  One of only 4500 members that “want to believe” (™)

Have I seen a UFO?  Well kind of maybe, but that’s not the point.  

I didn’t need to.  You don’t forget a story like this. My preacher dad worked for a long gone airline (click that for 400K views) and the pilots saw them.  In this case (and another one later in this short attention span post), they were being followed by a classic saucer for some 20 minutes.  Eventually the first officer left the cockpit with an urgent need to urinate. 

(insert Flomax ad)

Just kidding.  He closed the unsecured door and asked if some passengers could count the number of windows.  Like a first class pinch on the hiney, stuff like this was never reported to control of course.  

Then there was the Internet. Those dead aliens scared the crap out of me.  

Then 20 years went by.  Still have a decent hairline.

The paper of record makes it official in 2017.  Leakers are not punished but allowed on Fox TV.

I finally buy a book in 2021.  Turns out the Muffin guys are just the group the spooks want to engage – given their UFO expertise and passion at no extra charge.

The Muffin Men claim to be on the side of Mulder but how can that be if they are funded by the darker web.

Web you say?  I stray from accuracy here as I don’t know nor want to know the money trail.  Hoppin down the bunny trail is safer.

Along with other obvious reasons, continued events at Furwalker Ranch resulted in Muffin getting on the payroll.  This stuff should really scare the crap out of you.  LIchen, you name it.  Phenomena followed the investigators back home – and these micro orbs are highly toxic.

So I guess I was trying to leverage my creds (if you clicked there it is and an ACTUAL early formated article on “the internets” by the Bergen Record)  as a participant in the development of the Internet (of all things!), donated my savings for the first k12 server in NJ. NVD Demarest.  publisher of NJ.ORG…  I ask the Muffin state rep for a courtesy link to their new EXPLOSIVE video – but as the early balding Phil Collins sings – No Reply At All,

They want you to pay for the video..   A member no less. Want to become a certified UFO investigator?  Sign up and send your in your check.  Comes with a decoder ring.

So back to the other tailed flight.  Steve I.  a TV producer and angler of fish told us of a flight from MIA to EWR.  Same thing but this time a visible beam hit him and deployed the aft raft.  He was in a daze and ended up in the hospital.  The flight made an emergency landing in Orlando and was escorted at least partially up to Newark by OUR guys.  Yes I trust the pilots here. Thank goddess for the US Navy.

Back to the Jetway in Newark.  Steve forgot his fishing pole.  (must be a two piece) and went back on the plane to grab it.  One blue uniform and another suit asked him, Do you want to tell us anything Mr. I ?   No, he replied.


I’ll pay for the video I guess.


J Treble 


Note: some names were changed. Dad was PAA.



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