Strike Hangover? When the Check is not in the Mail

Last year, when JNESO AFL-CIO District 1 won their epic one-month nurses’ strike against St. Mary’s Hospital in Newark that’s owned by Prime Healthcare Services, a for-profit hospital chain with facilities in 14 states, it was a hailed as a major win for the New Jersey union movement.

  Throughout their strike, which played out during the wane of the pandemic, the 350 striking nurses converted community admiration for their courage during COVID into support where it mattered on the picket line. “We got a lot of community support but the Mayor [Baraka] never came out but his mother [Amina Baraka] did and so did Senator Cory Booker,” Elfrieda Johnson, president of JNESO AFL-CIO District 1, told InsiderNJ at the time.

That major […].

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