Who is Andy Kim?


To all Recent Jersey Folks arriving in our fair Garden State:


Welome to the machine.
The good old Jersey Politics machine.

Who is Andy Kim?

The Next Gandhi?

(above) Mr. Gandhi lecturing the machine.


YOUNGEST PHD congressman in New Jersey’s History.

(above) Recent Photo From AndyKim.com website

At a Glance:
Supported by those opposed to business as usual, back room top down candidate selections.

NJ Governor Phil Murphy’s wife secures “County line” in Bergen and other premium democratic strongholds including our own Bergen county.  Governor basically bought his current gig spreading money like manna from heaven.  So he goes back to the Machine.  Here in NJ we have a long history back room top-down candidates chosen.  Harken back to “no seatbelt” Corzine.  Here is another wall street guy spreading the dough.  This time a US senatorship for his spouse.

Article on how the LINE vote makes it almost impossible to win.



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