Aliens: Give us some tech or there won’t be any cows!


To save the planet methane will also have to be cut.

While there is undisputed evidence of cattle mutilations going back for decades.

And the surprising ho-hum reaction of the public in 2017 to the US Navy’s pilot interviews on TV and DOD approved publishing of multiple “locked on” UFO videos with full chain of command.


And throwing in the statement by the Vatican that our advanced cousins are Gods children too. While we are at it, do you mind if we baptize you?

Combined with our dire situation on a warming planet we call Earth – we have 12 years or less to turn things around.

Leads us to this question: Aliens (and Russia) if you are listening – You see that we won’t panic so please step up and help us. Otherwise we will soon have no choice but to reduce carbon and methane emissions caused by cow flatulence. (farts and burps technically)

Unfortunately, if we stop farming cattle at least one of your contemporaries won’t be able to jump to our pastures to lift up, cut up then plop down a bloodless, eyeball and anus missing cow, dear or sheep back on the ground.

BUT don’t eat us please !

If you feel it is telepathically unthinkable for us to give up enjoying a good steak – take note – Our friends and family meat lovers can now satisfy their carnal needs thanks to lab grown meat and tasty plant-based burgers that bleed.

So please teach us how to harness that zero point energy and develop other suppressed technologies that could lead us to net zero or even better – negative carbon emissions while there still is time.