Amid Abysmal Turnout, Parsippany Stares into ‘The Unknown’

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PARSIPPANY  –  Republicans in Morris County’s most populous town have been battling a tough undertow of late. In 2017, Democrats won the mayoralty plus two council seats by a little less than 1,000 votes. They did better than that last year when the township gave Mikie Sherrill nearly a 4,000-vote win over Republican Jay Webber in the 11th District congressional race.

This year, Dems need to win only one of three available council seats to gain control of the council. Following last year’s Democratic takeover of Morris Township, this would be an additional bitter pill for county Republicans.

Lou Valori knows that, and he plans to work hard to keep it from happening, Valori, the chair of the township GOP committee, has just sent party faithful what he terms, “A Call to Arms in Parsippany.”

The headline neatly sums up the message. In seeking to rally his troops, Valori ticks off what he says are the many misdeeds of Mayor Michael Soriano. They include rising taxes, cronyism and the most politically inflammatory of them all, the goal of declaring the township a “sanctuary city,”
Valori puts it this way.

“Residents are terrified as (the) Soriano administration actively works to have our township designated a sanctuary city. Soriano and his cohorts are waiting on the sidelines to declare this township a sanctuary city the very minute they gain enough Democrat council votes. We must stop them at all cost.”

Clearly, this is an emotional issue, and like many emotional issues, facts