Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald on the Budget, Property Taxes, Millionaire’s Tax, Booker Prez Bid, George Helmy, Guv 2021, Marijuana Battle, Trenton Politics (and MORE!): the InsiderNJ Interview

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BORDENTOWN – Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (D-6) walked into a pizza parlor here shortly after 1 p.m., sat on a stool at a table and began talking to InsiderNJ about New Jersey.

Here is that exchange:

INJ: What did you make of Lizette Delgado Polanco’s decision to resign from the Schools Development Authority (SDA)?

LG: I think she made the absolute right choice. I think it was obvious on its face and I’m glad she came to that decision without having to go through some long and prolonged questioning of people’s resumes, qualifications and backgrounds in the area of construction and development. She made the right choice for the state. It gives us an opportunity to look at how we structure this going forward. How do we get the most talented people in, in conjunction with the EDA [Economic Development Authority]? It’s an opportunity to shape this in a way with this new administration, the speaker, senate president, and myself, to get the best results. That’s what this should be about.

INJ: Do you see this as an opportunity to dissolve the SDA sooner rather than later?

LG: This is where part of our experience comes in .We’ve seen a lot of mistakes there over the years at the SDA. We’ve rasied lots of questions as to who’s getting contracts, some out off New York, companies that came in made a lot of money and left the state that didn’t understand the culture of our state.

INJ: Delgado Poanco