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Whatever happened to the War on Terror? In Syria, we seem to take the...

Most Americans believe the War on Terror was intended to pit the United States against Islamic radicals; but in Syria the U.S just fired missiles at the government that is fighting to keep those rebels from taking power

,(Above: I was at the inauguration listening to Donald Trump pledge an "America-first" foreign policy that would end the regime-change

Gay teacher says coworkers told him to ‘find a woman,’ get a pet instead...

Joseph Longo III has filed a workplace harassment suit against the Salem City School District.

A gay employee in a South Jersey school district was harassed by his coworkers over his desire to be a foster parent with one telling him to "just get another pet" instead of a child and he should "find a woman" to have

Lance roars at Trump again. MacArthur purrs in his lap. | Moran

As Trump threatens to fire Mueller, Tom MacArthur is doing nothing but hold the president's coat. Leonard Lance, by contrast, is moving to protect the rule of law.

I bet that Sen. Mitch McConnell wears a seat belt, even though a car crash on any given day is unlikely.

But he abandons that logic when it comes to

Phil Murphy wants to raise taxes $1.5B. How much would that actually cost you?

The governor has proposed to raise taxes on millionaires, purchases and services. Let's break down what that means for you.

Cory Booker tapped for speech, honorary degree at Temple

The U.S. senator is also slated to speak at several other commencement ceremonies this year.

One of New Jersey's most influential political figures will take the stage at Temple University next month to address its newest class of graduates as they head out into the post-college world. 

U.S. Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., will address the class of 2018 at

Planning a road trip? It could cost you, as gas prices keep rising

The national average price of gas is $0.33 higher than this time last year.

Gas prices continue to rise in New Jersey and across the nation.

AAA Mid-Atlantic says the average price of a gallon of regular gas Friday in the state was $2.78, up from $2.71 last week. Motorists were paying $2.44 a gallon at this time

Joe Scarborough: It’s becoming clear that Trump won’t run in 2020 | Opinion

Whether it's the Cohen investigation, Nikki Haley or his own words, it seems that Trump's time could be nearing an end. Watch video

By Joe Scarborough

It has been nearly three years since Donald Trump descended his faux-gold escalator to announce an improbable run for president, and Republican politicians seem just as baffled by the reality TV star's future

Did Rush Limbaugh get rush-hour police escort from Newark to NYC to attend gala?

The Port Authority is looking into claims that the conservative radio personality received a police escort from Newark Liberty Airport to a gala in New York City.

The Port Authority is looking into claims that the agency provided a police escort for Rush Limbaugh who was hustling from Newark Liberty Airport to downtown Manhattan to make an evening event earlier

North Bergen may see new natural-gas-fueled power plant, report says

The plant would be built on 15 acres of land already zoned for a power plant near Railroad Avenue.

NORTH BERGEN -- Town officials are mulling over the possibility of establishing a natural-gas-fueled electric plant in a nearby industrial area, according to a report by northjersey.com.

The plant, called the North Bergen Liberty Generating Project, would be a $1.5

2 dead, 3 seriously injured after early morning crash with dump truck

Three people are still in the hospital as a result of the crash.

Two people were killed and three were seriously injured in a crash with a dump truck early Saturday morning in South Jersey. 

The accident happened around 3:30 a.m. on the northbound lanes of Route 42 near Route 55 in Deptford, and shut down traffic for more than four