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A Six-Hour Drive with a Future U.S. Senator Named Coons

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is now Justice Kavanuagh.   Last week, the first story of the fifty-first season of the television newsmagazine Sixty Minutes began with...

CD-11 Flashpoint: Money isn’t Everything, But…

The old saying is that money isn’t everything. Jay Webber better hope so. Mikie Sherrill, his Democratic opponent in the 11th Congressional District, said...

Report: Handlin Won’t Seek Reelection

Assemblywoman Amy Handlin (R-13) is serving her last term in the Legislature. The 13th District Republican lawmaker told NorthJersey.com: “Since this will be my...

About that Morris County Democratic Poll…

Morris County Democrats have won only one freeholder seat in the history of mankind, so optimistic signs need to be viewed with a bit of skepticism.

Still, Democrats are trumpeting a recent internal poll that declares the six-person race to be a dead heat. If true, that’s very good news for the Dems.

According to the poll, all six candidates

The Commemorative 2018 Peter Rodino Columbus Day List of Italian American Politicians

If you have about five minutes and want to hear the American language spoken about as eloquently and forcefully as it can be spoken, please take a few moments to watch the late U.S. Rep. Peter Rodino in this video here.

And please enjoy this list to commemorate Columbus Day.

For the moment, we’re limiting this one to those well-established

Post-Kavanaugh confirmation: Roe, Obergfell, and the Republican Brand in New Jersey

Political pundits almost always speak of “winners” and “losers” following a major political event.  In my view, the Republican brand in New Jersey is a major loser resulting from the Senate confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court.  Notes follow: 

I don’t think the Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision of 1973 guaranteeing a woman’s

The Webber File: Montclair Mikie Versus Mr. Potato Head

Here we are talking – once again – about Arkansas in the 11th Congressional district.

A few weeks ago, Republican Jay Webber took great umbrage when a Mikie Sherrill campaign piece said the Republican’s views were better suited for Arkansas than suburban North Jersey.

How dare she do that?

The Webber campaign responded with a statement from the mayor of

Nutshells of all the Congressional Battleground Contests in New Jersey (RIGHT NOW!)

Nutshells of all the battleground contests in New Jersey (RIGHT NOW!)

Van Drew

CD2: Van Drew Country

It was probably over when Republicans anointed little known Hirsh Singh, divided up the field, and gave the primary election to movement conservative Seth Grossman, who promptly declared diversity “a bunch of crap.” Since that time – in his pursuit of the seat being

Senate split: Bob Hugin says he'd vote for Brett Kavanaugh after Bob Menendez votes...

Republican Senate candidate Bob Hugin's support for Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court comes after Democrat Bob Menendez voted 'no.'


Murphy aide suspended after posting comments about Trump administration, Kavanaugh

It was the second time in the past month Gov. Murphy has had to answer for an employee.