Corrado Introduces Resolution to Create Special Legislative Committee to Investigate Governor’s Hiring Practices

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LD40 Senator Kristin Corrado has introduced a resolution to constitute a special legislative committee to conduct a broad investigation into the hiring practices of Governor Phil Murphy.

Corrado said in the state: “The floodgates have opened with numerous reports of questionable hires by the Murphy Administration, including a corrupt official convicted on federal bribery charges, one with multiple allegations of sexual assault, and another who was involved in a major campaign finance scandal,” said Corrado. “We must investigate why the governor thought it was appropriate to hire these individuals into positions of public trust. We must examine the safeguards that exist in the hiring process, and learn how they failed or were sidestepped to allow Governor Murphy to reward his campaign workers with highly paid positions at taxpayer expense.”

Corrado highlighted several hires of the administration that she says raise substantial concern:

• Marcellus Jackson, a former Passaic City councilman convicted of federal corruption charges for accepting bribes in an FBI sting operation, was hired as a $70,000 special assistant in the Department of Education. Prior to his hire, Jackson worked on Governor Murphy’s gubernatorial campaign. His employment in government was prohibited by State law due to his prior conviction.

• Albert J. Alvarez, another former Murphy campaign employee, was accused of sexual assault by a female colleague, Ms. Katie Brennan, while working on the campaign. The allegations were investigated by the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office. Despite Brennan informing the governor’s transition team of concerns, Alvarez was hired into a