Democrats Waste No Time Jumping on Darling’s Comments about Adoption

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Things don’t seem to be getting any easier for Heather Darling, the Republican candidate for Morris County Surrogate. After withstanding unusually harsh personal attacks from a GOP  primary opponent, Darling is now being accused of urging struggling families to help make ends meet by selling their babies. The impetus for this Jonathan Swift moment was a Darling appearance last month at a county NAACP event. Morris County Democrats are pointing to a video of Darling that they say establishes her as a “baby broker” for low income families. In the video sent out by Morris Dems, Darling talks about a struggling family with three kids and another on the way. “The mortgage is behind. There’s holes in the roof,” she says. Darling said she wants to help such financially-strapped families by linking them with a qualified adoption service. Then she adds, “And adoption isn’t free, right. … There’s some money that comes with that.  So now this family can fix the roof, get the mortgage current.” The Democrats jumped on the video with a release asserting that Darling wants to help low-income families “sell their child to pay their bills.” The statement was distributed by the Morris County Democratic Committee, not by Michael Thompson, the party’s surrogate candidate. The statement added, “Darling’s suggestion is not only immoral, but also flagrantly illegal and demonstrates her lack of understanding of the basic duties of a surrogate.” The Democrats also faulted Darling for bringing the