Fall of a Boss: Leaders scramble to Make sense of Ocean in the Coming Aftermath of Gilmore

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Even Genghis Khan eventually went belly up, and so too did Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore, convicted last week of failing to pay payroll taxes and submitting a false loan application.

His particular fall resounded in Ocean County, where the boss served as chairman since 1996. One of his allies groped for understanding, finding, amid the diminishing clutter of big picture associative resources, the words “Shakespeare” and “the Bible” but unable to make connections beyond the basic outlines of those musty tools that for so long seemed to guide a part of western thought and behavior.

He might have just as easily used the words “tragedy” or “fate.”

GOP insiders on their way to a meeting today expected Gilmore to resign his chairmanship, formally ending his over two-decade plus reign as Ocean county Republican chair. The names Frank Holman, former mayor of Jackson, and Frank Sadgehi, an engineer from Toms River, circulated as possible successors.

But a stunned sense of dislocation pervaded.

Gilmore had suckled many seaside Republicans into political existence.

For years the linchpin of GOP Party politics as leader of the most Republican county, he was chair of the Republican chairs even when he didn’t have that title. If a Republican running for statewide office secured the backing of Gilmore’s organization, he had an enormous leg up on a Republican Primary victory statewide. His allies say he built his power on a superior sense of organization – and people skills. He was a dealmaker, but not a