FMBA Locals 40 and 240 Back Ford for Village Prez of South Orange

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South Orange FMBA Locals 40 and 240, the unions that represent the Village’s firefighters, have offered their endorsement to Deborah Davis Ford in her campaign for Village President.

The election will be held on Tuesday, May 14.

“We are invested in this community, many of us grew up here and South Orange will always be our home. To say that we are interested in seeing South Orange continue to thrive is an understatement,” said Jimmy Jennings, President of FMBA Local 40. Saying that current Village President Sheena Collum’s efforts to turnover responsibility for fire service to Maplewood weighed heavily on the decision, Jennings added that it was far from the only factor. “Overall there has been an obvious failure of the current Administration to be open and transparent on a number of issues including redevelopment, plans to replace long term municipal employees, and the oft-stated goal to fully merge South Orange with Maplewood.”

“Long Facebook posts don’t equal open government,” Jenning concluded.

This endorsement represents the first time Locals 40 and 240 have participated so fully in a local campaign, Michael Commins, Vice President of FMBA Local 240 said.

“It has been said that all politics is local, and as firefighters, when we are in the neighborhoods interacting with residents on a daily basis, we see more than just about anyone how local leaders impact the community we serve,” Commins offered, adding that in 2018 the South Orange Fire Department responded to over 2,200 calls, including house fires, car accidents,