Friday Roundup, Men Behaving Badly Edition

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I love it when there are so many juicy tidbits to cover that a long prelude is unnecessary. Let’s buckle up and get right down to it.

Dark Money

Governor Phil Murphy and Senate President Steve Sweeney have a problem with transparency. They both have SuperPACs raising- and spending boatloads of unregulated money to push their respective agendas. And now we know of a $55,000 check from PSE&G to (yet another) secretive SuperPAC aligned with Sweeney. Why? Cuz that fat check got sent to the wrong PAC! Can you imagine the poor sap at PSE&G’s office of government affairs who was sloppy enough to make this mistake? Womp!

This $55,000 bribe “contribution” came shortly after PS&G got a $300,000,000 annual taxpayer-funded subsidy from Trenton. It’s an extreme example of the kind of taxpayer-subsidized corporate welfare that’s fetishized by the South Jersey democrats. They pass laws that give massive tax subsidizes to their biggest donors. To me, that’s corruption. And the only reason we know about it is because a clerical error gave us a peek behind the curtain.


The New Jersey Economic Development Authority’s GrowNJ Program was sponsored and promoted by the same South Jersey democrats who do PSE&S bidding with your tax dollars. So it may come as no surprise to learn that, according to a scathing audit, these subsidies failed miserably to deliver on their promise of more jobs and more economic development.

The EAD has approved over 11 billion dollars in tax giveaways to wealthy corporations and all