GOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt’s (FULL!) Statement on Governor’s State of the State

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Chairman Doug Steinhardt’s FULL Statement:

For everyone who just joined, I’m Doug Steinhardt, Chairman of the New Jersey Republican State Committee.

New Jersey is headed in the wrong direction. Businesses and jobs are leaving our State at alarming rates, because the Governor’s ultra-liberal policies make New Jersey the most inhospitable state in the country in which to live and work. 

Murphy promised a stronger and fairer New Jersey, but his policies make us weaker and poorer. What’s worse, his Democratic colleagues in the legislature tell us that they recognize our problems, but vote, year in and year out, to avoid the state’s toughest problems, like pensions and healthcare, and pile onto our already oppressive tax burden.  There’s little trust left in Trenton, and for good reason.

Just this year we saw two longtime New Jersey based employers move their corporate headquarters out of state when Gerber and Honeywell began moving to Virginia North Carolina. 

Governor Murphy’s corporate and other tax hikes are a repellant to job creators and businesses. The constant threat of state tax increases disrupts the ability for businesses, large or small, to have predictability and stability in their long-term planning. 

It’s no surprise that just a few weeks after New Jersey Democrats voted for over a billion dollars in tax hikes, Amazon made its final decision to take New Jersey out of the running and put its HQ2 in New York and Virginia.

But tax hikes alone aren’t the only threat to job growth and New Jersey’s economic viability.  Every