In Ocean County, the Frank Holman Tradition Continues 

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As my readers know, since the early days of the Trump presidency, I no longer identify myself as a member of the Republican Party.  While I will not join the Democratic Party, my GOP of Ronald Reagan, the two George Bushes, Gerald Ford, Tom Kean, Christie Whitman, and above all, Dwight David Eisenhower no longer exists.  Instead, the Republican Party is now the party of a bigoted, misogynist, xenophobic, dictator-loving, parafascist President Trump and his sniveling cowardly GOP followers in the United States Senate.    

As a result of my anti-Trump advocacy, I have lost many erstwhile Republican friends, and while in just one case I have some sadness in losing such a friend, I do not for one nanosecond regret any anti-Trump action on my part.  I have been blessed by the Almighty with a wonderful family, and they have been totally supportive of my decision to put country over party by rejecting the parafascism of Donald Trump.   That is especially true at a time when the world is witnessing the vile, disgraceful collaboration of unpatriotic Trump with the totalitarian North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un in defaming a former American vice-president, Joe Biden.  

Yet I will always have warm, pleasant memories of my years of GOP activism.  And none bring a smile to my face more rapidly than those of my friend, the late former New Jersey Republican State Chair Frank B. Holman, Jr.   When I read the news that