Insider NJ’s Morning Intelligence Briefing: 5/16/2019

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Below is the Insider NJ Morning Intelligence Briefing for 5/16/2019:



NJEA – Educational Support Professionals (ESPs) play a critical role educating children. They are first people our children see on their way to school and the last people they see before they get home. Their consistent, reliable presence throughout the school day ensures that our students are safe, comfortable and ready to learn. ESPs deserve Job Justice: the right to due process and the right to work without the constant threat of privatization. It’s time for Trenton to #FixTheUnfairness and return respect to our public school employees by passing S-3089/A-3664 and S-296/A-3185/A-3395. Learn more.



QUOTE OF THE DAY: It’s hard to do it legislatively, I admit. It’s always been a default to go to a referendum and ask the people.” – Governor Murphy on the legislative death of adult-use marijuana


TOP STORYHolman Prevails in Bid to Boss Ocean County GOP



Senate President Sweeney announced that he will move forward with the medical marijuana bill and the expungement bill, but that the adult-use marijuana legalization bill ‘won’t be realized at this time’. Saying that he will seek to put legalization on a 2020 ballot referendum, Sweeney stated that ‘it would have been best to move the adult use and medical expansion bills at the same time, but it is wrong to hold the medical and expungements bills hostage’. Speaker Coughlin followed up with a statement, saying he’s ‘disappointed‘ the legalization bill won’t move