Leaders, Legislators React To Governor Murphy’s 2019 State Of The State Address

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Various organizations, leaders, and legislators weighed in on Governor Murphy’s 2019 State of the State address (read the speech and watch the live stream here): When asked by a reporter on his way out of the Assembly chamber on whether the address was conciliatory, Senate President Sweeney responded that Speaker Coughlin had ‘struck that tone early on‘, referring to minimum wage. Sweeney released a statement on the speech, saying ‘we have made real progress in the past year’ and that ‘we have to work in a collaborative and productive way’. Speaker Coughlin released a statement saying that ‘by working together, we will strengthen our communities and prosper economically’. Senate Minority Leader Kean released a statement saying Murphy has ‘ignored basic fiscal reforms’ over the past year and that the speech lacked a ‘clear agenda for the next year that reflects the taxpayers’ priorities’. Assembly Minority Leader Bramnick (in a battleground district this year) tore into Murphy’s policies – saying ‘I like him personally’ – and criticized him as ‘out of touch‘ and ‘an extreme part of his party’. Assembly Majority Leader Greenwald released a statement saying the speech was ‘well delivered and well received’ and that he looks forward to the Legislature ( as a ‘co-equal branch’) and Governor working to address high property taxes. Senator Oroho said that Murphy’s ‘singular focus on advancing progressive social policies, while burying his head in the sand on fiscal reforms, will do little to slow the out-migration’ from the state. Assemblyman Bucco