More Gutter to Get to: The U.S. Senate Debacle, Three Weeks Out

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In the hectic days before the 2012 election, a report appeared on a right-wing website alleging that Bob Menendez had sex with prostitutes – under age no less – in the Dominican Republic. Other than the Internet, the report got little attention. This was a presidential year and most attention was focused on that. Menendez was running for reelection at the time, but his opponent, Joseph Kyrillos, was not considered a threat. The Senate race was not big news. Additionally, most reputable news organizations are not going to run such an unsubstantiated and salacious story a few days before an election. Menendez won his race easily and the prostitution tale faded from view. Sort of. It was always bubbling beneath the surface in right wing social media. Now Bob Hugin is bringing it into the open. A new Hugin TV ad centers on the prostitution charge and ties it to Menendez’ opposition to now Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh, The point is that Menendez is being hypocritical in condemning the judge for alleged sexual abuse while he himself was cavorting with prostitutes. Hugin’s ad has given new life to the six-year-old accusation. Republicans Leonard Lance and Jay Webber already are using it to unfavorably link their Democratic opponents to Menendez in congressional districts 7 and 11 respectively. While nothing is off-limits in politics, this one certainly stretches the truth. A few months after the charge initially surfaced six years ago, three