My Father, the Glossers, and Trump’s Suslov, Stephen Miller 

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Passover is a time of the year when if one is fortunate, as I am, he or she can thank the Almighty for the opportunity to celebrate the Passover Seder with his or her family.  Yet unavoidably, since it is a holiday of family tradition, one cannot help but think of relatives who have passed away.  

This year, ever since the Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh tragedy, I have spent literally some time every day thinking of my late father, Melvin Steinberg, who grew up in Squirrel Hill and symbolized for me the glory and beauty of that wonderful Jewish neighborhood. 

Dad was a hardworking man of ethics, character, and dedication to family.  He served as a men’s clothing manufacturer’s representative, and he travelled from place to place in Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Eastern Ohio.    

One of the communities he most enjoyed visiting and selling was the central Pennsylvania community of Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  When he would return from a trip to Johnstown, he would always take a special pride in sales he made to the stores of the Glosser Brothers. 

The Glossers were the ultimate Pennsylvania Jewish family of supreme goodness and greatness.  Having emigrated from Belarus fleeing Czarist pogroms, the Glosser family established its first store in Johnstown, Pennsylvania in 1906, which grew over the years into a prosperous chain of department stores.    

The Glossers were leaders in both the general community of Johnstown and the Jewish