Rodriguez Heads West New York Alternative Ticket to Mayor Roque


The New Beginnings West New York team announced today the five candidates who will run for Commissioners of the Town of West New York.

Three current Commissioners who broke with the Roque administration are running on the slate – Commissioner Gabriel Rodriguez; Commissioner Cosmo A. Cirillo; and Commissioner Margarita A. Guzman. The New Beginnings West New York slate also includes two new candidates – Victor M. Barrera and Yoleisy Yanez who will also be on the ballot at the May Municipal election.

The team said the campaign will focus on the issues that truly affect West New York. Among the priorities are addressing the lack of parking, continuing to ensure that taxes remain stable, building a new public library and recreation center for our children and a new community center for the residents of our town, promoting economic and cultural development and increasing efforts to beautify and clean our streets.

About the Candidates

Commissioner Gabriel Rodriguez is working hard to promote public safety in West New York by initiating a full community policing walking program. Under his leadership, he stabilized taxes in 2018 and introduced the Go Green Program to clean up the town’s parks and streets.
• Business Accounting Manager for the West New York Board of Education • Executive Master of Business Administration Degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology & Bachelor of Arts Degree from New Jersey City University • Experience in state and federal government working for the New Jersey Legislature, Congressman Albio Sires, and Senator