Sweeney Wants to Move Ahead With Medical Marijuana Bill, Expungement – But No Legalization

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Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) is convening a press conference right now announcing a separation of the medical marijuana bill, according to Dan Munoz of NJBIZ.

Sweeney says the votes aren’t there for adult-use legalization.

He wants to put it on referendum for 2020.

Tweeted Munoz:

“Sen. Sweeney announces the state will move ahead with the medical marijuana bill by itself, following pressure yesterday from GOP lawmakers.”

Sweeney tweeted:

“We will move forward with the expansion of our medical cannabis program as well as the progressive social justice reforms in the expungement legislation. We will not, however, pursue the legalization of adult use marijuana at this time.”

He released the following statement:

Senate President Steve Sweeney announced today that he will move forward with legislation to expand the state’s medical marijuana program and with the expungement bill.


Senator Sweeney said that efforts to legalize adult use marijuana won’t be realized at this time and that he wants to act now to expand the medical cannabis program and achieve progress on social justice reforms with legislation to revise procedures and eligibility for the expungement of criminal records.


“Adult use marijuana will be legalized in New Jersey but it won’t happen now,” said Senator Sweeney (D-Gloucester/Salem/Cumberland). “It would have been best to move the adult use and medical expansion bills at the same time, but it is wrong to hold the medical and expungements bills hostage. We want to move forward to help transform the state’s medical marijuana program and