The Tao of Malinow: The 7th District Congressman on the Impeachment Question

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BERNARDSVILLE – So what are Democrats in the House doing about immigration? That was probably the most pointed question Wednesday evening for Rep. Tom Malinowski as he answered queries from constituents at the Bernards Cafe. The gathering was billed as a chance to share coffee and to chat with the new congressman from the 7th District. Many in a crowd of about 60 or so seemed to be Malinowski supporters, but not the woman who asked about immigration. Earlier, she had wondered if a man who expressed worries about climate change was a “plant.” Malinowski’s answer touched on both substance and practical politics, which is really how he has acted during the 100-plus days he’s been in Washington. He said he’d love to support an immigration reform bill that passed the Senate during the Obama presidency with close to 70 votes. That bill would have bolstered border security and put those here illegally on the path to citizenship with some significant restrictions. The path would have taken at least 10 years and the individuals would have had to be in the country for a minimum amount of time to be eligible. It’s not easy to get almost 70 votes for anything of substance in the Senate, so it was a real pity that the then-Republican House refused to take it up. But now, as the questioner said, Democrats run the House. So, isn’t the ball now in their court? Yes it is, Malinowski said. But