Trenton, I Hardly Miss You…

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Dear Trenton: I hardly miss you.

The year was 2006 and the Democrat governor and legislature had shut down state government because they couldn’t agree on how to spend a tax increase. As members of the Assembly Budget Committee, we had to travel to Trenton every day and sit around on the off chance a deal was reached. We watched and listened as the Democrats tried to engage in shuttle diplomacy to end their self-created stalemate – with each side tipping off the Statehouse press corps that they were going in to the Governor’s office or leaving it.

As I approach my two-year anniversary of retirement from the Legislature (July 1, 2017), I am often asked if I miss Trenton?

That question gets posed to me at least half-a-dozen times a week.

So, to the inquiring minds that what to know, and after having had 24 months to think it through; the answer is I don’t miss it at all.

For perspective: I started out as an aide who drove Assembly members to and from Trenton – pre-exit 7A and the famous Governor Whitman tunnel. Route 1 was the only road in and out, and it was such a dream ride to the Dome every Monday and Thursday (insert sarcasm). However, to have front row seats in the late 1980’s and early 90’s as some of our legislative giants waged war, yet remained genteel and professional, was a sight never to be seen again. I learned a lot about life,